Wednesday, February 20, 2013

News in the Random

* This is how I spent my Tuesday this week:

I think I've blown up my last balloon for a while, and I'm ready for a looong nap, but it was a great party and worth all the prep. :)

* In case you missed it, my good friend and CP Kathryn Purdie recently signed with Josh Adams of Adams Literary. You can read her inspiring story here. Yay! I'm so thrilled for her.

* PIECES by Michelle Davidson Argyle came out on Valentine's Day. Guys, I loved this book. You can find out more and how to purchase here.

* Speaking of books I love...remember my last post on SHATTER ME author Tahereh Mafi? Well, I found out she's here in town tomorrow to speak and sign books with Ransom Riggs (MISS PEREGRINE'S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN). I can't make it, but if you go, tell me EVERYTHING. :)

* My CP Taryn Albright is having a massive giveaway all week with new items to win each day in honor of her birthday this Friday...she's finally leaving the realm of the teenager. :) Check out all the cool offerings on her blog.

* This was delivered to my door yesterday:

I LOVE fresh flowers. I'm the weirdy that buys them at the grocery store for my dining table just because. This beauty, though, was from my husband and was such a nice surprise. He is THE BEST. :)

* WINNERS!!! Thanks to those of you who commented on my Favorite Things post. I promised to choose my favorite three comments. Here are the lucky winners:

Kathryn who said one of her favorite things is ME. Haha. Except I know she already has a TRANSPARENT bookmark, so I'm demoting her to honorable mention and will think of something else to give her. :)

Suzi who shared a Nutella Smores recipe. Um, yes please.

Jaybird who named all of MY favorite things--I could have written her comment...especially chilling at the beach, people watching, and The Killers. :)

Tonja mentioned a fluffy blanket under a crackling fire. Considering the cold we've had in my part of the country lately, that sounded sooo nice.

Winners please email me your address at ilimatodd AT gmail DOT com, I will send you a bonafide Transparent bookmark (and maybe another goodie or two). :)

* Come back to the blog on Friday for a cover reveal and on Sunday for a book review AND giveaway!

Do you have any random news? Feel free to share in the comments. Ready for even more random? Here's an awesome song but random video of all the things you shouldn't do in a pretty white dress. :)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Your husband scored some points! Sorry you can't make it to the book signing.

Suzi said...

Very cool, thank you. My son keeps trying to convince me that Nutella is more of a snack than a dessert. I'm not buying it. :)

Emily said...

Yay Dan! He's a good husband. Also, those tables look adorable, you do deserve a nice long nap.

ilima said...

Alex-He sure did!

Suzi-You're both wrong. It's an entire food group. :)

Emily-Thank you. I actually took one today and it was heavenly.

Kathryn Purdie said...

Thanks for the mention, Ilima. And, WOOHOO, I won! I better still get something. ;-) I'm so glad you're banquet was great and is DONE. Hopefully you can chill for a bit. Be sure and tell me when you finish Downton Abbey and we will DISCUSS.

Tess said...

that's a lotta balloons - scout event?? just a guess. and, pretty flowers. you know they're a keeper when they do things like that :)

Tonja Drecker said...

Love those balloons! And I'm doing a little happy dance at the win. I'm snuggling in my blanket right now... but the fire went out. I don't really want to run out in the snow and get more wood. Not yet

jaybird said...

You just made my morning! Thank you :)

The flowers are gorgeous and so are you. Your hubs gets big props for picking them out and sending them- for sure!

Did you blow up all of those balloons for a school dance? The Husband and I just chaperoned one for the 6th grade... What a riot that was!

ilima said...

Katie-I've got 4 more episodes, but I will let you know as soon as I'm done. :)

Tess-Yes, it was a cub scout event...and I'm so glad it's over. :)

Tonja-You sure have a way of romanticizing the cold. How do you do that? :)

Jaybird-Yes, he's a keeper. The balloons were for a scout banquet (8-11 year old boys). It was a riot as well. :)

Michelle D. Argyle said...

Aww, thank you for the mention! So much good news all over! *HUGS*

Michelle D. Argyle said...
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