Thursday, November 10, 2016

Latest news: Covers, Awards, Appearances, and more!

Life has been eventful lately, as always. Here are some recent book/writing-related news:

The RESIST paperback has a cover and a release date! Coming July 2017 from Simon Pulse. Tada!

I love it so much, and it goes so well with the first one. It's very exciting!

RESIST has also been nominated for a Whitney Award! REMAKE became a finalist so I'm crossing my fingers that book two does well.

I was invited to give a guest lecture at BYU (my alma mater) on writing unputdownable stories. It was a wonderful experience and a joy to be back on campus. One of my favorite things is to speak to aspiring writers who share my love of stories.

My son built us a Little Free Library! I've always wanted one and am so so thrilled. People have been stopping and trading books every day. So fun!

I have a guest post up on Thinking Through Our Fingers about writing compelling hooks. I wrote another guest post on Adventures in YA Publishing about finding your tribe.

I spied RESIST in the Deseret Book catalogue. Cool!

And of course I've been writing between everything else. Here are local authors around my dinner table getting their write on.

I do have a couple of book signings coming up soon. The first is on November 18, 7pm at The Printed Garden in Sandy, UT for a reading, Q&A and signing for RESIST.

The second is November 22, 7pm at the Holladay Public Library, UT. This free event is called "Apple Pie With Authors." Guests can grab a piece of complementary apple pie and join an informal discussion with authors Tess Hilmo, Bobbie Pyron, Carol Lynch Williams, and me. :) We'll be talking about our newest books and answering your questions about writing, publishing, and pretty much anything else you'd like to talk about!

And possibly the neatest thing that has happened to me lately: a couple of weeks ago we had solar panels installed on my house. The solar company also came inside to replace all of our light bulbs with energy-saving LED lights. When one of the installers walked into my writing office to change the bulbs, she saw a couple of shelves filled with my author copies of REMAKE and RESIST. When she realized I was the author, she totally started fan-girling. She couldn't believe I wrote those books she'd read and loved, and that she was actually standing in the room where I wrote them. That was a surreal experience for sure!

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Happy Holidays!

I've been warned enough.