Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Salt Lake Comic Con 2016

I had a blast last weekend at Salt Lake Comic Con. It is always such a fun event, and I am always exhausted by the end of those three days, ha!

This year was the first time I dressed up (I was the wall from Stranger Things) and I was shocked at how many people laughed and screamed and got so excited when they saw my costume. I must have had my picture taken a hundred was a lot of fun to connect with fellow fans of the show. Here are a few highlights from the weekend:

I got to see Coldplay in concert the night before Comic Con started.
What a treat!

Lennie James has the most dreamy British accent.
I could listen to him talk forever about upcoming Walking Dead teasers.

I am SO one of those people who takes a picture of her food 
to remember how good it was.
And this calamari salad from a food truck outside the convention was AMAZING.

If you're a Stranger Things fan you'll get this one.
We found this just randomly hanging on the wall.
So hilarious!

It's Theron on display at the Shadow Mountain Booth!
I got to do a couple of book signings during the con.
I love getting to talk to fans about my books.

My daughter Emma dressed up as Joyce Byers to go along with my Wall costume.
Here we are with one of the many Elevens we saw during the event.

Had to snap a picture of my favorite cosplay.
Doesn't this guy look so much like Kylo Ren?
It's creepy.

I got to meet and talk to Gwenda Bond and Ally Carter!
They are so down to earth and friendly, 

and they both adored my Stranger Things cosplay.
It's hard to tell but I'm fangirl screaming on the inside. :)

Me and my gorgeous crit partner and friend, Kathryn Purdie.

We got to meet Millie Bobby Brown who plays Eleven on Stranger Things.
She was the most adorable thing ever talking in her British accent
and helping Emma figure out how to hold her phone for the pic. 

On a panel with James Owen, Jen Jenkins, Matt Kirby, and Leigh Statham
talking all things world-building.

Some serious writer wisdom spouting from my mouth. (I wish, lol)

On a panel with fellow creatives talking about the importance of support systems.
This one was neat because I mentioned how I listened to James Owen once
give a motivational speech about creating art and that it changed my life,
and he was sitting right next to me on the panel.
So neat to be surrounded by such amazing talent.

After a whirlwind week I am off for a whirlwind trip to the Mediterranean, starting with Barcelona! I can't wait!

I'll be lying right by your side in Barcelona