Tuesday, July 3, 2012


So I'm in that weird limbo stage again. I'm querying another book, pretty much just strumming my fingers and thinking...what now? Well, write another book of course.

Here's the thing: the last book I wrote completely encompassed me. Whenever I write a novel, I eat, breathe, and sleep with that book. It is all I can think about. But this last book brought it to a whole new level. I spent nights up until four in the morning, crying over my characters. Going without food, showers, a reasonable social life, just because I HAD to get that story on the page.

And when it was over, I wondered...how will I ever be able to write something else? Everything will pale in comparison with the passion I had for that book.

So I moped and read and critiqued and waddled. And sure, being able to shower on a regular basis benefited more than just me, but I missed the love of writing that one book.

Until a couple of weeks ago at WIFYR, someone in my class (*waves to Andrew*) said this summer he was going to start a slew of different projects with the sole intention of throwing them away. Wha??? You can do that? Just write something, like, for fun? And not plan on publishing it? Really? And I thought, THIS is what I need right now.

So I said screw outlining (a very big deal for anal me), I'm just gonna start writing something for fun, and who cares if anything comes of it. And that's what I did. I started writing something, and though I have no idea how it will end (oh, the humanity!), I am having a blast falling in love with my characters and telling their story as they tell it to me, literally in time with my hands on that keyboard. And guess what? It is soooo fun. Isn't that why I started writing in the first place? Because it's fun.

Well...I'm 6K into this new WIP (my 5th book!) and I'm loving it so much. Who knew?

More fun: this morning I found an image online of my love interest. I mean my MC's love interest, of course that's what I meant. Really.

*picture removed*

What do you think? Can you picture Eddie Redmayne rockin' a 1770's blue frocked British navy sailor uniform under the sail of James Cook exploring the Pacific?


Deana said...

I could totally picture that boy in a uniform! Love it!!
I think writing just to write is the perfect idea (though I still hope you're querying Remake). I've heard that's when the best books are written so who knows what could come of it:)

Also, who the heck did your website? I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!

F said...

I know what you mean; you get so engrossed in one project that you're not sure anything else you write will compare, although I think there are always greater and better ideas over the horizon. It's great that you're getting back into the fun of writing. After all, that should be the main thing! I hope your new prpject goes well, and I look forward to hearing more about it from you!

jaybird said...

I tend to get all wrapped up in my story too. Right now, I can't seem to move past one, to get to another.

Oh, and I love a man in uniform. So I could definitely picture him in one. Nice.

Krista McLaughlin said...

Writing something to throw away... it actually really makes sense! :) I will have to do that too. I'm swamped in waiting for more edits and trying to write book 2. I need some just fun writing. :)

Your love interest, I mean your MC's love interest looks quite nice. :) Good luck with it!

Robin said...

Um, yes, he could totally rock that outfit. You pick some great love interests. Oh Kai . . .

Amazed your into book number 5. You blow me away, girl. Glad you're writing this one for fun and "riding" on the seat of your pants. I LOVE being surprised by my characters and feeling like they're the ones telling the story (although I do have to rein them in from time to time.)

Kathryn Purdie said...

Hello, everyone, I've read Ilima's first chapter of this "pantser throwaway book," and let me tell you it is AWESOME! (And so doesn't read as pantser writing, or is anything ever intended for the garbage. But go on thinking that, Ilima. :-))

Eddie Redmayne is one of my FAVORITE actors! Did you see him in BIRDSONG on Masterpiece Theater a couple months ago? Hello, Mr. Romantic and Amazing!!! I can totally see him as your Brit love interest. <3

Ilima, I'm so proud of you. I'm feeling the limbo, too, and am glad we can write new books in this craziness together. :-)

ilima said...

Deana-Ha! You can talk cute boys with me anytime! And my husband did my website, thanks.

Fiona-I know some people can't get past their first book, so I'm glad I still have something left in me. :)

Jaybird-You married one, right? Yes, man in uniform is very nice.

Krista-Do it! You'll love it.

Robin-Oh Kai is right :0). I'm so jealous you've seen him in real life!

Katie-Masterpiece theater, that sounds like something my husband would looooove. Haha. And thanks for the kind words. Let's beat this limbo together.

Ink in the Book said...

Such a bittersweet post! Leaving one family and finding a new one. Our MC's ARE like family, aren't they?

As for the new love interest, I think you've got it going on!

Melodie Wright said...

So that's this actor's name? His face is so familiar, now I have to google him to find out why.
And I totally understand that flat feeling when a WIP first draft is done. It's a little like thinking about having a second kid - how will I ever feel the same love I do for the first one?
But you will...and you do. Taking time is the BEST way to let your brain percolate.

ilima said...

Ink in the Book-They really are. I wish I could meet them in real life. Maybe when one of my books becomes a Hollywood hit I might be able to. :)

Melodie-He's in the upcoming Les Miserables movie as Marius. I think seeing him around the web in that blue French uniform sold me on him pulling off my character.

Megan said...

Definitely able to picture it :)

And that's how I get! Obsessed! I think my hubs is grateful I do take regular showers tho lol. I just get tunnel vision and this is all I can think about...you know?

M.J. Wille, author

Emily R. King said...

"Write for fun" is a great motto! Even in WIP's I feel passionate about I toss out paragraphs and scenes. But they weren't a waste of time because I was writing, right?
Happy recreational writing!