Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Storymakers 12

I'm finally getting around to posting about the LDStorymakers Conference I attended a couple weekends ago here in Utah. It was my first time there and was AMAZING! Join me next year because I know I'll be back.

I started with the Publication Primer in a small class with none other than Elana Johnson at the healm. We had a copy of everyone's first chapter ahead of time and were able to discuss them in class. I received such great positive feedback--it made me THAT much more excited for my current manuscript.

Donea, Katie, Deana, me, Elana, Erin

The next day I had my first pitch session ever with an agent. I was soooo nervous, but made it through with a full request. Woo-hoo.

The last day I was surprised with a second place prize for my first chapter. Got my picture taken, a big box of conference bling, and a lot of wonderful comments from the judges on my chapter.

After the amazing classes and meeting SO MANY fellow bloggers (how surreal to meet them in real life :) and with what seems like an endless waiting list of beta readers wanting to read my book, I felt like the conference queen.

What an amazing experience!

Speaking of conferences, I will be back at this one come June. I can't wait. (And how did THREE of my critique partners make it into the video and not me??? Hmm???)


Robin said...

So glad you had such an awesome experience (prizes, fame, full requests). Now I want to go so bad. Storymakers 2013 is already on my calendar.

And although I think it's great to be in a WIFYR video-I laugh at myself each time I watch myself look at Katie's fingers. There's a reason I'm a writer and not an actor. "Act natural. Pretend I'm not here," the lady had said. "Um, not humanly possible."

Kathryn Purdie said...

It was such a WONDERFUL conference! I was super impressed with how the whole thing was run. And it was so comforting being there with you, Ilima. I got to whisper snide comments in your ear and experience all the highs of the conference right along with you! I felt like bomb just being in your shadow!! :-)

jaybird said...

So happy and excited for you Ilima- full request! Wow, that is all kinds of awesome. Glad you had such a productive and fun weekend.

Angela Cothran said...

Have you sent off your full request yet? I'm so excited for you.

Karen Baldwin said...

Your first pitch and you got a request for a full? Woo Hoo!

G.M. said...

Very nice, Ilima, that you got a full request. Is that was for Remake? Did you meet the editor Molly O'Neill? She'll like that book. Best wishes for good news from the agent who asked for the full request.

ilima said...

Robin-Yes! It will be a blast next year if you come.

Katie-That was a great weekend. Thanks for hanging with me and letting me practice my pitch on you over and over. :)

Jaybird-Thanks. It was SO fun.

Angie-Yes, but, who knows...did you get your full request off yet? Let me know how that goes!

Em-Musing-I was just excited to get through the pitch without passing out. LOL.

Giora-Molly O'Neill seemed super nice. And thanks!

Leslie said...

Wasn't that a great conference?! I honestly feel like I came home changed from LDStorymakers. Probably because I'm so new to the writing world, but still - it was awesome! I'm bummed I didn't actually meet you in person at it. But it's so cool that we reconnected after anyway all these years after Discovery.

Good luck with your ms! Hoping the best for you!

Kelley Lynn said...

Wow! You had quite the conference! Congrats on second place.

I'm seriously going to have to go next year. Glad it was a great experience!

Martin Willoughby said...

Why don't they do this sort of thing in the UK? Maybe I'll have to move.

Melodie Wright said...

Hey, there's Deana! So cool you got to meet fellow bloggers in person. And Elana is SO great - lucky you!!