Thursday, April 5, 2012

E is for Emily

So I'm totally putting her on the spot (she has no idea I'm doing this and is on vacation, so she can shoot me later), but I want to spotlight one of my CP's, miss Emily.

I met Emily at WIFYR 2011. We were in the same class and on the first day, since neither of us knew anyone at the conference, ended up having lunch together. She became my buddy the rest of the week. Talk about luck, Emily is AMAZING, and I'm glad to call her a critique partner and a friend.

She is the mother of 4 and has the energy and snark of a teenager. Her house is like the gathering place of the neighborhood, you know, the one everyone just congregates to because she's the "cool" mom and makes the most delicious and amazing homemade everything in her gorgeous Napa Valley vineyard home. I know, right?

I love that Emily always has a smile on her face, constantly makes me laugh with her sarcasm, and has a substitute swear word for everything out there...and she's not afraid to use them :).

Emily is one of the most generous and selfless people I know. She is known to say "I want to go to there" at least once a day. (She's a regular Liz Lemon...who wouldn't want to hang around her all day, right?)

And her writing. Omigosh, her books are the can't put down type, and I have literally stayed up until the wee hours of the morning reading them. She has a masters degree in literature, and is the queen of YA voice. I'm so in love with the boys in her books, you have no idea. I may be just a little jealous of the depth and ease of her stories (beautiful stuff), but I'm glad to have her as a CP.

So go and follow her blog if you haven't already. You're in for a treat. Love you, Emily!


Martin Willoughby said...

Looks like an interesting blog so I've taken you recommendation and followed.

Taryn said...

EMILYYYYYYYYYYY I LOVE YOUUUUU :) I mean, how often can you say that seconds after stepping into someone's home you wanted to stay there forever?

Sara Hill said...

Have you considered marketing, Ilima? :) You sold me on Emily and her blog.

Suzi said...

Wow. She is the mom I want to be. Cool. Snarky. A good writer. Gonna go check out her blog right now.

Shiela Calderón Blankemeier said...

I think I'll hire you as my PR agent! Nice to meet you, Emily :)

Emily said...

Ilima. I don't know what to say other than "what the what?".

I love you too. You're the best and when I get back from vacation you will have a proper scolding. Thanks!!

Jay Noel said...

Hi Emily!

Robin said...

Super sweet! And true! Follow her, you will not regret it

ilima said...

Martin-You won't regret it.

Taryn-I'm with you there. Her house is gorgeous and her family the best.

The Muse-Haha. Just telling it like it is.

Suzi-She's the mom I want to be too. :)

Shiela-Aww, thanks.

Emily-Yes, scold me later. Enjoy your vacation. :)

Jay-Thanks for stopping by!

Robin-Just wait 'til I get to letter "R"....:)

Kathryn Purdie said...

Happy E is for Emily day! I miss you, Em, and your cooking, jokes at my expense, your hospitality, your shoulder to cry on, your bluntness, your laid back-ness, your "ness" about everything!

ilima said...

Katie-watching you and Emily interact together is the best entertainment of all. :)