Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nano Love

Even though my posts of late reveal a roller-coaster ride of giddiness and angst, I must admit that in the end NaNoWriMo was worth it. Will I do it again? Probably, just don't tell my husband. He needs some time to adjust after a month's worth of no laundry getting done and eating cereal for dinner. I couldn't have done it without his support, and to add to my well of thankfulness for him, look what he made me for my nano book:Jealous much? You should be because it's gorgeous! It's funny how I can get so excited about a fake book cover.

I also couldn't have done it without my critique partners. We suffered and celebrated together. We even emailed each other our word count and last line every single day in November to keep up spirits. I kept a record of my word counts and lines. Click on the picture to get a closer read:
Considering the language in day 3 and the attitude in day 6, I may not want to attempt any more middle grade novels for awhile...back to young adult books for me.

On day 7, some of my CP's thought I might be writing a steamy romance.

On day 12, my main character had to pee...hehe.

On day 15, I taught a unit on botany to my kids during homeschool. Art imitates life?

On day 26, I managed to get Twilight into my novel.

And on day 30 I cried more than I ever have reading or writing a book--out loud sobs. I suppose that is part of being a writer, having imaginary friends that are so hard to say goodbye least for a few weeks before revisions begin. Oh boy.


Emily said...

Wow. I want to read and sob with you. Good job Ilima. You were awesome! And I can't wait to read your book.

Also, maybe your next book should be steamy romance. Just saying.

Kathryn Purdie said...

It was so much fun to be a part of the NaNo journey with you and get your updates each day, commiserate the bad days together, revel in the great days. You are awesome, Ilima, and I'm so excited to read your new book (all three of your books, actually, since I've only read snippets of A Single Feather)!