Thursday, September 1, 2011

reading: Life As We Knew It

When the moon is knocked off kilter by a huge asteroid, tsunamis, flooding, earthquakes and volcanoes ensue, bringing life on Earth to a whole new realm of survival-mode. As a bit of a preparedness junkie myself, I thought it was interesting to see the effects of this natural disaster on the world.

It is hard to say LIFE AS WE KNEW IT by Susan Beth Pfeffer was an enjoyable read. Wonderful teen voice: yes. Diary format working well: yes. Characters to care about, page-turning plot, clean and wonderful writing: yes, yes, yes.

BUT, it is one of those books that when you put it down for the night (ready to continue the next day as soon as possible), you feel like you are living in the world of the book. So I bounced around from being cold, uneasy, hungry, paranoid, sad, nervous, weak, depressed, etc. for a few days. Engaging, eye-opening and entertaining to read--definitely. Enjoyable--not so much. But still recommended. (Just don't expect to laugh very much)

I'm wondering if anyone else has read the other two books in the series? Is it worth the read? I am interested but may need to space it out because of the reasons above.


Emily said...

I have not read this, but I'm always hungry not good to be reading starvation books. I think I gained a few pounds when I read THE HUNGER GAMES.

I do love these apocalypse books though. I find them fascinating. Which is why I think you should write one.