Wednesday, August 10, 2011

reading: Forever

I finally had some time to read FOREVER, the third and final installment of the SHIVER series by Maggie Stiefvater. The series is a YA fantasy romance about werewolves. Yes, I said werewolves. I know. But they are very likable and not corny werewolves. And I know we all said that about a certain clan of vampires back in the day, but still. I really liked this series of books.

SHIVER was my favorite of the three, and could definitely be read as a stand alone novel if you didn't want to venture into the rest of the series. LINGER leaves you hanging, and FOREVER is definitely the end of the series (the author says so in the back). SHIVER does have some mature content though, so a warning to moms that this one is for older teens only. But her writing itself is absolutely beautiful.

Aren't these covers gorgeous? To be honest, my favorite Maggie Stiefvater finds are the book trailers she made herself for each book:

With my family's recent obsession with stop-motion animation, we have been drooling over these videos.

If you are in to fairies, she also wrote a duo of books called LAMENT and BALLAD which I also enjoyed. Again, mature content. She is an author that I will be following closely, I really like the way she writes. Her website has info. on some other books in the works.


Taryn said...

I wasn't a fan of this series*. Too sappy.

*Though I did only read SHIVER.