Monday, January 30, 2017

Happy Birthday to me: my new writing space!

For my 40th birthday (last month), my husband wanted to give me my dream office space. As in no holds barred, dream up what I want, and we're going to make this happen. I'm thrilled to say we're DONE with the renovation and I couldn't be more excited. This is what my office looked like before. Painting over red walls was not easy, but I love the brighter space.

I REALLY wanted a page from one of my books on the wall, so using an overhead projector and a lot of sharpies, we made this happen. It took a LONG time, but it was so so worth it. The text is the prologue to Remake, and I can look at it as I sit from my writing desk. I love that it's a call to arms, a plea to get to work without excuses and do what you're meant to do...the perfect motivation for writing.

We bought and put together these shelves from Target. I had to purge my book collection a bit. We have a library in the house, but these are mostly friends' and YA books which I like to keep close. I also like that I can tuck away things I don't want to see behind cabinet doors.

Lim is my nickname, what my family calls me, and my husband came up with my motto: loved, inspired, and motivated, using each of those letters. He says that's exactly what he wants me to feel when I enter my writing space: loved, inspired, and motivated. I love that so much! So I ordered the wooden word cutouts on Etsy and glued them onto these giant letters that were on clearance at Hobby Lobby. Score!

Here's a close-up of my middle shelf which shows off my books. Some of them are traditionally published, and several are books I've shelved (my early writing) which will never be published. But I love glancing at them and celebrating all that I've accomplished as a writer and how far I've come.

This wood panel wall is AMAZING. It's reclaimed weathered wood we purchased from Stikwood. My father and husband spent an entire Saturday cutting and installing the wood, and it's a perfect accent wall that adds so much character to the space. My favorite part is the DAN + LIM heart my husband carved into the wood with his knife. I love it so much!

Here's my wall of inspiration. It's a collage of boards and displays filled with writing goals and plans I can work from as I write. There's a calendar with my writing goals for the month, character pics from the book I'm currently writing, book outline, inspirational quotes, etc. The small details like fan-made Remake art, a wreath made out of pages from Harry Potter, an arrow my daughter made herself, and a small display of awards my books have earned make it a happy and personal space for me.

I love my new clock along with the octopus my parents gave me (referencing Remake) and Firefly quote. Also a close-up of my plotting board and an inspirational quote from J.K. Rowling that I love.

Scenes from my latest book and a close-up of my new chair. I kept the same desk I had before because I love the size and the pages of Pride and Prejudice I decoupaged on the surface. I can read about Mr. Darcy all day if I want. :)

This is where I like to snuggle up and read. Heaven.

I know I'm seriously blessed to be able to have everything I ever wanted in a writing space. Here's to hopefully many books being written in this room.

If you could have your dream writing space, what would it look like?

I'm waking up.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

It looks amazing. You really took your time to do it right.
I don't think I'd want a page of mine on the wall. Every time I looked at it, I'd see something I wanted to change.
Happy birthday!

Robin said...

I love this space times 1 million. What a wonderful present from your hubby!

Tammy Theriault said...

Amazing new feel!

Sheena-kay Graham said...

That is an amazing writing space you have there Ilima. Congrats!

Donna K. Weaver said...

Wow. I <3 your space!

Style Baby said...

Really awesome place ever seen . The utilization of space is very nice.

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Tracie said...

When will the third book in the remake series come out? My niece loves them so much she read them both in 2 days �� I can't find any info on a release date to tell her.

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