Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nano Hump Day

Well, it's here. November 15th. Nano hump day. I was on a such a roll with my word count, I was hoping to be done by today. But alas, the stomach flu decided to visit me and mine, resulting in a funky flatline on my otherwise pretty-making Nano graph. No worries, though. I'm back on the writing train and hope to "win" by the end of the week, and then finish the whole novel before the month is up.

One thing I've learned this time around: no matter how many times people recommend just writing forward for the sake of word count, I can't do it. I'm too addicted to reading what I've written the day before and tweaking...just a bit...before starting for the day. Even when I made a major plot change earlier this week, I went back and GASP erased what needed to go before adding the new info. I also jump around and write whatever scene I'm feeling that day. Not a big deal when you're a major plotter like me.

Also, I tend to get caught up in the line by line crap. I whine and complain that my writing sucks sucks sucks. Well of course it does--it's a first draft, silly. I know I'll come up with a better word choice here, a more consistent YA voice there, etc...when the time is right. But for now, I'm just getting the story out of my scrambled egg brain so I can breathe easier again.

How do I overcome it? Here's a tip that goes against the masses, yet again: take a day off and just read what you have so far. What?!? Yes. And if you don't trust yourself to keep your fingers off that keyboard while you read, print it out and do it. Because if you sit back and read to enjoy your story, that's exactly what you'll find, YOUR STORY, beneath all the crappy words. And then you'll see that you were brilliant all along because this story ROCKS. *enter renewed motivation* It works for me.

And lastly, make a playlist for your book and look up actors to play your characters. This is vital, important stuff, people.

A quick non-nano commentary: anyone seeing the big vampire movie this weekend? Here's my confession: I've been to the midnight showing of every single one and this last one--I'm kind of feeling burned out. Meh. Whatevs. I'll get to it. Eventually...What's the deal with that? (No Twilight bashing allowed on my blog, FYI :)

Also, I decided to start a new feature on my posts in which I post a song for the day. We'll see how it goes. This one's dedicated to my CP's. Because there is no way I could do Nano without our daily plethora of emails. *blows kisses* This song's on my Nano book playlist, but I think they will laugh cause they know all about my epic gravity scene. Or non-gravity scene. Hehe.

Nano-ers unite! Give me an update on your progress in the comments. And keep writing!!!


Nick Wilford said...

I'm bowled over that you're doing so well on your progress AND editing and tweaking. You're awesome! I think the flu met its match.

I must try and find time for that reading through thing. Feels a bit scary at the moment.

I've tagged you with the "U Got the Look" meme. Details are at my blog if you fancy it!

jaybird said...

Aw- sorry to hear about the stomach flu bug! I blogged about my family having a while back. ("It's all fun and games, until..") If you want to read it for a laugh. But it's the worst when your whole family gets it! UGH.

I think everyone who signed on for NaNo is amazing. I shrink under pressure, and I know my limitations. So I say, rock on with your word count!

OH, and I've been to every sparkly vampire premiere with my niece and her girlfriends- This year, we have way too much hurricane stuff taking precedent, so we are not going to make it. I think we'll survive though, waiting to see it eventually on DVD.

Emily said...

Ha Ha. Gravity, I mean no gravity is so sexy.

Nice job on EVERYTHING. You freaking amaze the crap out of me. I'm hoping to just drag myself to the finish line like a half-decomposed zombie.

Wait, too much WALKING DEAD.

ilima said...

Nick-I'm a crazy fast drafter, Nano or no Nano. I literally can't sleep until I get my MC's voice out of my head. Thanks for the tag, I'll play on Monday!

Jaybird-I think about you out there in NJ every day. I hope things are getting better quickly!

Emily-Do not taunt me with your flowery talk of flesh-eating zombies. I want to watch it so bad. And you'll probably be more like 1/4 decomposed at the end, really. :)

Small Town Shelly Brown said...

I quit. *hangs head*

I did it last year.
This year I tried to do NaNoWriMo AND NaNoRevMo.
NaNoRevMo won.
That and I'm moving me and my family of 7 this month so something had to go.

Can we still be friends if I'm a NaNo drop out?

Emily R. King said...

I go back and play a bit with what I wrote the day before, too. I think it's time well spent. It keeps me on track and helps me transition into the next chapter/scene.

Alice said...

Nano hump day... tell me about it.
I like this post, because it reassures me that taking a few days of from Nano is a good idea, before I jump back into it and try to complete my story. Thanks. =)
I'm curious that you said finding actors for your characters is vital stuff - I can never find the right actor! Any tips? Why is it so vital?

ilima said...

Shelley-Don't sweat it. I say moving and doing NaNoRevMo is palenty. Good luck with both!

Emily-And I know how crazy fast you draft, too. So we're good. :)

Alice-There's no law that says you have to write consistently every day. And I was kind of being sarcastic when I said finding actors are vital...but it's fun!

David P. King said...

Oh no! You got sick too? Sorry about that. Hopefully you and I can get our mojo back and tackle some more words. I'm not doing NaNo officially but I'm still way behind of where I'd like to be. :)

Kathryn Purdie said...

I usually go back and reread, and it really helps me get back in the groove to write more stuff. But for some reason I can't do it this Nano time. I think it's my brittle thin writing confidence. I feel like I rock...until I read what I wrote the day before. Haha... Plus time. I'm barely keeping my life together around Nano as it is!

Robin said...

Thanks for the song:) So glad you are feeling better and ready to kick NaNo's trash this week. Your pace is inspiring. I'm too afraid to read what I've written, but I'm all for taking a day off now and then.

Michelle D. Argyle said...

I really, really love your advice to take a day to read. I do that ALL the time when I'm reading because it actually helps me write faster in the long run. I have to get everything sorted out in my head to see how it's all going, otherwise I feel lost, even with an outline.

Good luck Nano-ing!

ilima said...

David-Glad you're feeling better too.

Katie-You're getting some awesome numbers up this what works for you!

Robin-I love how you send us snippets and tell us it's crap and it's totally not at all. :)

Michelle-Me too! I'm glad I'm not the only one.

Nicole said...

Good advice, and good luck finishing strong on NaNo!