Monday, September 17, 2012

It's GUTGAA Judging Week!

This week I'll be beta reading, online writing contest judging, and writing room decorating. I'm hoping to get some form of actual writing in, but at least my planned activities are writing related, right?

For the 200 lucky writers who managed to get into the GUTGAA agent contest, I will be reading and voting like a madwoman this week. The final 50 will have a chance to be bid on by a bazillion agents (slight exaggeration). So where will I be judging? One of these fabulous sites:

Deana Barnhart
Jaye Robin Brown
Cassie Mae
Robin Weeks
Falling for Fiction

But I'm not telling which. And I can't tell you my super secret judge name either. But I can say it will be one of these:

Missus Braidyhead
Princess Fluffypants
Sugar Magnolia
Molly Loo
The Rooster
The Revisionist
Lumpy Space Princess
Lady Luna
Lady Blingley
Miss Mary Mac

Just for fun, guess which one is my secret name and we'll see if anyone guessed right next week. 

If you haven't heard of GUTGAA, there's still time to sign up for the small press contest in a couple of weeks. And you are more than welcome to check out the entries on the blog links above and leave comments yourself. Good luck, everyone!


Suzi said...

I'm gonna go with Lady Luna.

Have fun with the contest. I'm sure it'll be tough juding all the entries.

David P. King said...

Awesome! Sounds like you'll be busy. There's lot of great entries to best of luck choosing the lucky winners. :)

Emily R. King said...

Have fun!

Robin said...

You are so awesome to be a part of GUTGAA-I have NO idea who you are, but my fav. name is Lumpy Space Princess with Princess Fluffypants and Lady Blingley rounding out the top 3.

ilima said...

Suzi-Great guess. We'll see. I think it will be tough to judge, too.

David-Thanks for the luck. Hopefully I won't be too busy. Ha!

Emily-Fun will be had for sure.

Robin-All great guesses. I love that you don't know who I am. Lol.

jaybird said...

You will make an awesome judge. These are all great names but knowing you, if I'm going with my gut, it's the Revisionist.

Good luck to all the contestants!

Libby said...

A secret name you say? How mysterious!

Angela Cothran said...

Wallflower :)

ilima said...

Jaybird-It makes me think of the Illusionist. Like I've got magic fingers or something. :)

Libby-Yes, that's me. So full of intrigue and such. :)

Angie-There are perks to being one. :)

Carrie Butler said...

Have fun judging, Ilima! :D

Bonnee Crawford said...

Wow, that sounds like a really full-on week! But it sounds totally awesome. Hope you can fit some form of actual writing in among all of the other writing-related activities :)

ilima said...

Carrie-I LURVE the new profile pic. So cute!

Bonnee-I hope so too. So far, no dice. But critiquing is such a great learning experience too. :)

Kathryn Purdie said...

It was fun to be a judge with you this week, Ilima, and see what entries each of us voted on. That's right, folks. I know Ilima's secret name. Bwahahahah!