Thursday, September 15, 2011

Organized Chaos

I consider my life organized chaos. If I don't write it down, I will not remember it. And between homeschool, real school, church responsibilities, writing, my husband's schedule (he has his own business, teaches Tae Kwon Do, is on search and rescue, etc.) and the plethora of kids activities--of which I must volunteer my time for as well, I am a pretty busy mom. And if I ever lost my ipad planner, I think I might literally die. Not kidding. So yes, it's chaotic, but I like to think I have it under control.

So when I have writing inspiration, it doesn't necessarily come at the most convenient of times. I have post-its and scraps of paper all over my house-by my bed, my computer, in my purse, (the toilet), everywhere. A book or character idea is scribbled here, a scene or neat quote written there. I have literally woken up at 3 in the morning and scribbled my dream (nightmare) on paper, and jumped out of the shower dripping water everywhere as I jotted a story idea down. I try to bring the random pieces of inspiration together in a writing "notebook", but of course I have several of those all over the place too.

When I sit down to do the actual writing, I feel like I'm literally throwing up words on the page (or word document). There is that fear that if I don't get it written down, I will forget it. The words come out far from perfect and I just go go go when the inspiration hits. So revisions for me involve a lot of cut cut cutting of the crappy, followed by adding the pretty words and details that make it flow much better. You know, chaos, but organized. It works for me, each step of the process its own beast, but unique and enjoyable still.

How do you write? Are you organized? Do you take your time and revise as you go, or just throw it out there? Where and when do you get writing inspiration? Do you have a pen and paper by the toilet?


Emily said...

Ok. I laughed when you talked about the toilet, cause that has totally happened to me. Several times.

I have a couple of notebooks. I keep one in my purse and one on my desk. But, I'm like you a little in that I have papers and notebooks all over the place.

I've been doing a lot of notes for nanowrimo, mainly because I can't be writing yet. It makes me wonder if it will be easier for me to write, having such good notes. Cause usually I story as I go.

I guess we'll find out.

Taryn said...

My laptop is always with me *knock on wood* but when (horror of horrors) it's not, I have a small notebook or my phone. I am notorious for walking around "talking on my phone" while it's on voice recorder. I "wrote" half of novel 7 that way...

When I write, it all comes out, but I don't find myself having to cut. I think this is because my mind is jumping from point A to point B to point C. This is because I'm plot-driven. When I go back, I have to flesh out relationships and show motivation.

Unknown said...

Did you sneak a camera into my house? You pretty much described me. In fact I just wrote a short story called Sweet Sanctuary where, as a mother of four, I'm always hiding out in the bathroom for just a moment of "me" time. So pathetic.

Organized chaos is right. Good luck!